Don’t Make These Mistakes While Hiring A Business Consultant!

Managing a growing business is always full of challenges. Startup owners and entrepreneurs often deal with many things at once – limited manpower, restricted funds, regulatory compliance matters, talent acquisition, and expansion. At times, it is important to take help on selected matters of the business, which is why we have consultants. Business consultants offer the necessary experience and expertise that matter in taking right, hard and confusing decisions. However, if you are hiring a firm, don’t just settle for any option you find. Here are mistakes you must avoid while hiring a business consultant.

#1 Not checking their work profile

Any consultant can claim to be the best in business, but evaluating the work is the job of the client. You need to know what they can bring for the project and how they can help towards the major goals, which are better profit margins, increased productivity, and improved operational efficiency. Some companies don’t just offer help with finances, HR, IT and supply chain, but also have expertise with ETRM, RPM and other relevant developments.

Essential point: Select a firm based on experience and not promises.

#2 Not finding more on execution

A good consultant can always suggest great things on paper but executing those in practice requires more expertise. Not all consultants are genuine with what they promise, and more often than not, they end up in creating a mess, just because they lack the necessary resources. As the client, you have to gauge and find more about their capabilities and whether they can implement and succeed in their plans.

Bottom line: Get a concrete plan in place before signing the contract

#3 Being too impressed

Many consultants have had great success with large brands and companies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are good for you. Don’t get impressed with the portfolio alone. Instead, try and understand the level of exposure they have in your industry and how they plan to bring the best of changing technologies and practices to your project. This doesn’t, however, mean that you don’t trust your consultant. Yes, allow them to take the decisions, but get involved and take charge as required.

Bottom line: Do not rely on what they have done but check what they can do now for your company in particular.

Talk to a few known business consultants as soon as you can find time and ask the relevant questions to know them better.