Keeping track of the data you hold

At Box-it, we offer a number of solutions that can assist our clients no matter what stage of their digitisation they’re in. Our management solutions are effective even if we only have a handful of your files on record; we can still tell you where they are, and which document files we have.

The OmnidoxRecords Manager is Box-it’s own archive management system. It keeps track of your physical archive of paperwork, no matter where it is. Each file receives its own barcode as soon as we’ve processed it into our system, and the movement history of every box and file is recorded. Because of this, if you request a particular file, we’ll record that you’ve asked for it before sending it back over to you, and we keep a note of exactly who made the request, and when the request was made. We will always send your file from our archives to your office location.

Alongside the Omnidox Records Manager, we also offer our electronic Omnidox services. Omnidox is our award winning Electronic Document and Records Management System, or EDRMS for short. It’s different to our paper records manager, in that our EDRMS is a digital cloud storage portal which is where we store all of your records once they’ve been received, catalogued, and stored physically. With Omnidox, we can specialise our services for specific industries, such as HR, AP, AR, and Digital Mailroom.

Our Omnidox electronic storage solution allows you quick and easy access to any of your electronically stored documents. Authorised users have the ability to search for specific documents using a range of search terms and criteria. Omnidox can be configured to include any of these key search terms, and as long as the term exists within a file or document, or is noted under the document’s keywords, you’ll be able to find the paperwork you’re looking for without having to request the whole file.

The reason that we offer such extensive services is to ensure that once your data has been collected, it can be properly identified and searched for with ease. The correct technology is necessary in proper document management, and can save your company time, money, and man power. By using our management solutions, you’ll be able to effectively manage your data going forwards, which will help your business stay on top of their paperwork, without having to worry about loosing any vital information.

Our Omnidox system is completely GDPR compliant, and can even alert you if you have documents that are about to expire. Our aim is to help you run your business as smoothly as possible, and ensure that you’re able to stay on top of any personal data regulations that come up under GDPR guidelines. We want you to be able to have lifetime management of all of your employee and client personal data, and by taking out the stresses that come with masses of uncatalogued paperwork, we firmly believe that this is something that we can accomplish at Box-it.